Welcome to the leading specialist for mineral paints! Home for the craft of producing paint, with craftsmen who are passionate about what they do. As leading specialists for mineral building protection systems, we develop and produce solutions for building exteriors and interiors. Our mission: to produce the most natural, brilliant, healthy and durable paints, in other words, the best paints in the world. Sensational quality for more than 140 years!

Healthy colours for a better indoor climate and perfect appearance. Paints have a considerable influence on the quality of indoor air.

The facade is the first impression of a house. Durable, colour-tone stable, ecological and economical: KEIM exterior paints meet the highest standards.

The KEIM company


Out of deep conviction and bridging the gap between tradition and innovation, KEIMFARBEN continues to develop and produce exclusive mineral products and systems right through to the present day. Mineral paints by KEIM have been a constant feature in architectural history of the 20th and 21st century: from the Historicist Movement via Art Nouveau and Bauhaus through to today‘s spectacular deconstructivist buildings. They have inspired generations of renowned architects, craftsmen and artists, and are used wherever high demands are made of both architecture and paint in terms of aesthetic appeal, health aspects and construction physics.

„We want to live, work, struggle, fight and take care of our fellow human beings, working for the generations to come, to make things better on earth.“

We have remained consistently true to this vision of our company founder for 140 years. From company headquarters in Diedorf near Augsburg and the production site in Luckau/Brandenburg, we send our products out into all the world. With great success!

Adolf Wilhelm Keim, the founder of KEIMFARBEN

New Product


This first 2in1 coating provides
maximum efficiency.