Queens Library At Hunters Point, Queens, NY

Located along the East River, against the backdrop of rapidly built skyscraper condominiums, the 22,000 square foot Queens Public Library at Hunters Point brings community-devoted space to the Long Island City waterfront. The vertical structure reimagines the traditional library model, providing diversity of spaces from intimate reading areas to active gathering spaces. The building’s mineral metallic-painted concrete shell is not just a facade but a load-bearing structure, which omits curtain walls and columns. Sculpted cuts are carved out of the facade, showing the movement of people within and framing expansive views of the Manhattan skyline.

This image at right was taken in 2022 in morning sunlight which highlights the surface texture and metallic detail.

Image at left was taken during construction in 2018 and the image below highlights the cast concrete texture detail, and metallic effect.

Products Used

Sol-silicate Paint for Concrete
Color #9590

Concretal Fixative
Clear Sol Silicate Dilution

Design Mineral
Metallic Finish
Color #1002 Silver


References–Concrete HOCHHAUS LANGEN FELDBERGESTRASSE, Langen, Germany “Size matters” – while a huge banner with this provocative lettering on the facade of the 18-story high-rise
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