Moody Amphiteater, Austin, TX

The centerpiece of the eleven-acre Waterloo Greenway revitalization is the open-air theater designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. The elaborate steel lattice is complimented by raw concrete to retain an “earthen” feel while delivering a first-class entertainment experience. The curves of concrete appear to mimic the meandering Waller Creek, while providing structural support and a focal point to the center stage. During construction it became clear that the appearance of the concrete was not acceptable, and a mineral stain strategy was developed with the help of Keim to execute a subtle “camouflage” of the mismatched concrete and repairs. The primary goal of retaining the gritty and raw nature of the concrete was the drove both product and color selection.

Products Used

Pigmented Mineral Stain
Color #9590

Concretal Fixative
Clear Sol Silicate Dilution


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