Peter Pan Office Flex Building, Warrenton, VA

A new 59,972 SF concrete tilt-up flex building was looking to attract high-end tenants and desired a low-maintenance finish which would not prematurely fade. The developer had problems with acrylic elastomeric finishes fading in rich and darker colors within years of completion. The earth-tone multi-color scheme was chosen to harmonize with the stacked stone accents and to boost visual appeal. Concretal PRO Sand Finish was utilized to provide an understated texture that diffuses harsh sunlight to minimize variations in panel textures and finish.

Concretal PRO Sand Finish imparts subtle texture to tilt-up panels in warm earth tone custom color shades.

Products Used

Concretal Pro
Sand Finish Base

Concretal Pro
Sol Silicate Finish

Concretal Fixative
Clear Sol Silicate Dilution


References–Concrete Nobu Hotel, Warsaw, Poland The Hotel Nobu in Warsaw flawlessly combines a historic building with a newly built wing. The historic architecture is