1399 Park Avenue, New York, NY

Rising 22 stories, 1399 Park Avenue emerges as a beacon alongside the Park Avenue Railroad viaduct in East Harlem. The sculptural form is composed of architectural concrete, metal and glass. The building rises through a “Mondrian-like” composition of interlocking cubes and volumes. The building is a true expression of New York City urban design traditions, merging zoning, function and aesthetics into a singular sculptural form.

BEFORE: Formed concrete with staining and uneven color was pretreated with Keim Heavy Duty Cleaner.

AFTER: Stained concrete is more uniform in color tone but retains the natural “patina” of cast concrete. Low-maintenance is ensured with decades of durability of Concretal-Lasur Pigmented Mineral Stain.

Products Used

Pigmented Mineral Stain
Color #9595

Concretal Fixative
Clear Sol Silicate Dilution


References–Concrete 201 Ellicott, Buffalo, NY A truly transformative project built in downtown Buffalo on the eastern edge of its urban core, 201 Ellicott replaces