Silos At The Mill, Salina, KS

The Salina Kanvas Project was able to bring world-famous artist Guido van Helten from Australia to Kansas. He is known for his larger-than-life murals on dams, silos and other massive structures. Thanks to efforts of Travis Young, The Salina Kanvas Project, and private donors, Guido can also add painting a grain elevator in the middle of Kansas to his accomplishments. The mural itself is of Salina children playing “Ring Around the Rosie.” The entire mill building is encircled by the children, using a photocollage of them taken by one of the children.

Concretal-Lasur is the perfect mineral medium to transform aged, rugged concrete into this stunning work of art that the community can enjoy for decades to come.

Products Used

Sol Silicate Transparent Stain
Various Colors

Concretal Fixative
Clear Sol Silicate Dilution

Concretal Black
Sol Silicate Paint for Concrete
Color: Black Purity


References–Concrete CULTURAL AND CONGRESS CENTRE JORDANKI, Toruń, Poland The Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre lies like an embedded rock in Poland’s medieval UNESCO World