Here you will find an overview of numerous reference projects from all over the world. From complete reconstruction of buildings, preservation of historical monuments to sustainable construction with wood. Let yourself be inspired!

References–Concrete CULTURAL AND CONGRESS CENTRE JORDANKI, Toruń, Poland The Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre lies like an embedded rock in Poland’s medieval UNESCO World
References–Concrete Silent Rock, Bammental, Germany Built in 2015, the two-story weekend house in Bammental appears as a dark monolith whose walls and roof were
References–Concrete KIRCHE SANTA MARIA GORETTI, Mormanno, Italy In the heart of the Pollino National Park lies the small mountain town of Mormanno, among whose
References–Concrete HOCHHAUS LANGEN FELDBERGESTRASSE, Langen, Germany “Size matters” – while a huge banner with this provocative lettering on the facade of the 18-story high-rise
References–Concrete Livensa Living Studios, Bilbao, Spain Near the Nervión River, in the northwest of Bilbao, you will find Livensa Living Studios, a student residence
References–Concrete Metro Madrid Headquarters, Madrid, Spain In the north of Madrid, in the Tetuán district, the new headquarters of Metro Madrid is being built.