Concrete – A Building Material
As Versatile As Life Itself

Concrete – a mixture of cement, sand, and water. It is the most frequently used building material in the world and was originally discovered by the Romans. Numerous ancient buildings still bear impressive witness to the durability of Roman concrete. But concrete can have an image problem. Many people consider concrete to be gray, dull, and cold but is more popular than ever. For facade design or interior surfaces, fire safety or soundproofing, concrete is used in many forms and designs. There is literally no limit to the creative use of concrete.





Silicate finishes do not form a typical paint film on concrete surfaces like ordinary acrylic coatings. The binder is potassium silicate which forms a permanent bond with the concrete by means of the chemical process of silicification. Mineral finishes for concrete by KEIM accentuate the natural concrete texture rather than cover it. This is especially true when using Concretal-Lasur Pigmented Mineral Stain for transparent finishes.


Not all concrete is meant to be gray. Use the Concretal System to add durable and non-fading color without losing the natural look and feel of concrete. From full color, opaque finishes and paints that add texture, to the most transparent “veil” of color, you have complete design control. Typical elastomeric and acrylic paints form thick plastic “films” on concrete which can mute and alter the natural form and texture. And these thermo-plastic paints are not naturally compatible with concrete. Concretal finishes are formulated from many of the same raw materials as concrete and are innately compatible. They penetrate and fuse to literally become part of the concrete surface.


Black facades are a statement of our times – striking, extravagant and elegant. Concretal-Black opens up new dimensions in concrete design. This uniquely pigmented truly black paint is available in five subtle shades of black: Purity, Forest, Pearl, Aurora, and Eclipse. Concretal-Black is lightfast, UV-stable and guaranteed not to fade for 20 years. And like all Keim Concretal finishes, the natural texture and feel of concrete is not covered up.


Sometimes concrete needs to be good-looking but protected against the elements. Use Concretal-W to add the most durable and non-fading color, without losing the natural look and feel of concrete. Mineral silicate finishes never look “painted on” which can be typical of acrylic finishes. Concretal-W is both stunning and hard-working, protecting your concrete against chloride-ion penetration, weather and water penetration. Made from similar raw materials, these finishes are completely compatible and literally take on the same physical properties as the concrete’s surface. Fusing deep into concrete ensures the longest lasting finish. Guaranteed.


Sometimes concrete is unpredictable with inexplicable blemishes such as streaks, discoloration, cracks, pits or voids which mar its appearance. KEIM concrete finishes are the ideal solution to visibly camouflage visible flaws and blemishes, not intended in the concrete design. Visually aligning, without hiding the concrete’s natural appearance and character, is a hallmark of Concretal-Lasur Mineral Stain.

Repairs and patches are quite common to concrete construction. Don’t let mis-matched repairs or patches ruin your design intent. KEIM Concretal-Lasur allows the appearance of repairs to be minimized, camouflaging them to make the concrete look as if no repairs exist. Precise color matching and controlling the exact opacity of stain on-site, gives applicators ultimate control and flexibility. And all Concretal finishes are made from mostly the same raw materials as concrete itself, making them perfectly compatible with a similar physical characteristics.


Concretal - Lasur

Pigmented Mineral Stain Colors for Concrete


Concretal - W

High Performance Mineral Finish for Concrete


Concretal - Black

Deepest Black Mineral Finish for Concrete


Mineral Metallic

Mineral Metallic Finish for Concrete and Masonry


Zaha Hadid Architects

Read more about the fantastic concrete projects of the famous architect Zaha Hadid!

Concrete Products

KEIM has the perfect mineral silicate finish for your concrete project. Select form a wide array of paint, stain, pitch black or even shimmering metallic finishes. And rest assured any choice naturally beautifies and protects concrete, but the integrity of the concrete finish is never compromised. And your finish is sustainable and will last for decades with minimal maintenance.

Concretal - Lasur

Transparent Mineral Stain

Concretal - Black

Mineral Silicate Paint

Concretal - W

High Performance Mineral Paint

Concretal - Pro

Economical Silicate Paint 

Mineral Metallic Finish

Shimmering Metallic Finish


Here you will find concrete reference projects from all over the world. From renovation and remodeling, historic preservation, and new sustainable construction projects.

References–Concrete National Veterans Memorial and Museum The City of Columbus has embarked on a decade-long effort to revitalize its riverfront, its downtown core and
References–Concrete Savannah College of Art and Design The new 14-story, SCAD 40 residence hall located on the Atlanta campus of Savannah College of Art
References–Concrete National Holocaust Monument, Ottawa The .79 acre site connects the monument to the historic center of the capitol city of Canada. The cast
References–Concrete Marina One, Singapore Marina One in Singapore is a special building complex: four skyscrapers form the framework of a central three-dimensional garden –
References–Concrete Silos At The Mill, Salina, KS The Salina Kanvas Project was able to bring world-famous artist Guido van Helten from Australia to Kansas.
References–Concrete Nobu Hotel, Warsaw, Poland The Hotel Nobu in Warsaw flawlessly combines a historic building with a newly built wing. The historic architecture is
References–Concrete French International School, Hong Kong In Hong Kong’s Tseung Kwan O District, the kaleidoscopic face of the new French International School positively glows
References–Concrete The Imprint, Seoul, Korea Not far from South Korea’s largest airport Incheon is “Paradise City”, an amusement and entertainment center that was expanded
References–Concrete Moody Amphiteater, Austin, TX The centerpiece of the eleven-acre Waterloo Greenway revitalization is the open-air theater designed by Thomas Phifer and Partners. The
References–Concrete 1399 Park Avenue, New York, NY Rising 22 stories, 1399 Park Avenue emerges as a beacon alongside the Park Avenue Railroad viaduct in